Why Discount Beds?

Family owned business with 30 years of experience

Why Discount Beds

We are Discount Beds, an independent "down to earth" family run business with a focus on your satisfaction, from the moment you enter to the second you leave we expect to deliver and exceed the highest possible expectations. We're here to bring leading brands to you without a jaw-dropping price tag. It's all about you getting a great nights sleep, for a much much better price.

We provide an hands-on yet "no pressure" experience, you're here to find a bed so we give you the chance to try it out. Get on the bed, feel the difference between them. With beds, the devil is in the detail; some are too soft, some too hard. You have to give them a real test, that's how you'll find the perfect bed. Our team are trained to guide you through to the perfect bed.

On a budget? Don't worry, our range comes with a huge list of options to fit any budget, no matter how low or high. Our beds are priced competitively to give you the best options. We've got over 30 years of experience, so you know we're experienced in understanding the market, the scenario and the customer. We help you choose the best, based on feedback from our customers over the years.

If all that isn't enough to convince you, why not try our £1 delivery service for delivery anywhere in Sheffield.