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Mon, 15 Oct 2018

How much can an extra hours sleep change you?

The clocks maybe going back, but this shouldn't be the only reason you consider getting an extra hours sleep. Did you know that just one-hour extra sleep can actually benefit you in a host of different ways?

Though it doesn't seem like much, just that extra hour can make all the difference. Aside from improving your mood or getting rid of under-eye circles, the benefits range from cognitive advantages, improved memory and increased learning capacity to a multitude of health benefits.

How does that extra hour's sleep benefit you?

There are numerous benefits to sleeping for that extra hour and it all starts with your genes!

The study was carried out at the University of Surrey's Sleep Research Centre on a group of volunteers to discover the effects of increasing sleep by just an hour. The research revealed that when sleeping for just an extra hour, 500 genes are either switched on or off depending on how it can benefit the body. Along with many other benefits, the study concluded that genes that are associated with processes like inflammation, immune response and response to stress, become less active with more sleep as well as those linked to diabetes and risk of cancer.

Improves your memory

While you snooze, your brain is actually hard at work consolidating all your memories. Add an extra hour to your sleep and it allows you to experience longer periods of REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) which consist of a phase of deep sleep that is associated with learning and memory. During this important stage of sleep, your memories are moved from long-term storage which allows more short-term memory space for the following day. Lack of deep sleep usually means that those memories don't get transferred and can therefore potentially be lost.

Helps you to relax

During REM sleep, it is the only time in the day that one of the stress-related chemicals in the brain, called noradrenalin, is switched off, allowing us to experience ultimate calmness. It is at this point that our brains are then able to process daily events and memories, especially when dealing with emotional events.

Can help with sport related activities!

For those who are either facing an active day or a marathon, it has also been suggested that just one hour of extra sleep can potentially boost athletic performance. Make it a regular thing and you'll be feeling the ultimate benefits all day, every day!

Though it's not something that you hear every day - make the most of that lie in! Just by getting the recommended hours of sleep and altering your sleeping habits that little bit, it can assist with making you healthier and allow you to start reaping the benefits. If your finding that it's your mattress or bed that needs to be changed, you can always nip into Discount Beds and speak to a member of our team about getting the perfect bed or mattress for you - we're always happy to help.