Purchase your Silentnight Studio Pillow from Discount Beds Sheffield

If you're looking for a glorious pillow that offers seven adjustable comfort options, the Silentnight Studio Pillow is the one for you and is now available at Discount Beds.

Regardless of your sleeping position, front, back or on your side, the Studio Pillow is designed to adapt to your personal comfort level. Placed within a deluxe soft-touch and anti-allergy knitted cover, you can use 3 removable pads consisting of one which is slim and soft, one that is medium thickness and one that is firm, to mix and match various combinations to perfect your pillow height and comfort level.

Check out the soft, medium and firm combinations below, suitable for front, back and side sleepers and invest in one of the finest pillows on the market.


Visit the Discount Beds showroom to view, test and purchase the Silentnight Studio Pillow for yourself.