National Bed Month 1st- 31st March 2019!

With Spring just around the corner, discover the importance of a good nights sleep with National Bed Month - running from the 1st to the 31st March 2019!

Organised by The Sleep Council, this important month serves as a strong reminder of why sleep is essential for our health. Though the common saying “You snooze, you lose” is thrown around casually, it is thought that a good nights sleep will not only contribute to keeping you healthier and happier, it can even add years to your life!

Many factors can affect an individuals quality of sleep ranging from sleeping environments and lifestyle choices to diet, exercise and stress levels. However, a groundbreaking study carried out in 1988 found that by just changing from an uncomfortable bed to a brand new one was all it took for an individual to enjoy up to an extra 42 minutes of sleep!

Why not use this month to assess your current sleeping environment and start investing in a better quality of sleep. If your bed or mattress is due an upgrade, check out our Changing your Mattress and Bed Buying Guide or pop into Discount Beds and chat to a member of our team about purchasing the perfect bed and mattress for you.