Explore the ingredients of a Harrison Mattress

When delving into the ingredients of a Harrison Mattress and the steps entailed in its creation, it is easy to see how Harrison Beds have perfected the optimum balance of comfort and support over the last century - to deliver the perfect nights sleep.

Harrison Beds believe that to achieve the perfect mattress, there are no short-cuts to quality. That is why the life of each Harrison Mattress doesn't begin in a factory as with most mattresses but on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire, where they rear sheep for their naturally springy and supportive sheep's wool and fibres, which each mattress will eventually be filled with.

The ingredients for each Harrison mattress has been carefully selected to offer fantastic levels of comfort and support, and are either grown on the farm or carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality. These include materials such as luxurious silk, soft & smooth cashmere, finely textured mohair, strong, light & sustainable flax, highly absorbent hemp, cotton & Egyptian cotton for cool comfort, durable and springy horsehair along with naturally supportive white curled hair.

These ingredients are then combined with nearly eight miles of wire per mattress and at the core, lies their award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system, which has been perfected over the years to ensure the crucial support required to deliver a good nights sleep. Additional High Density (HD) pocket springs are then aggregated with the natural fillings and layered closer to the surface of the mattress to adapt to the contours of the body, whilst relieving pressure when sleeping.

It is only then that each mattress is lovingly tufted together by Harrison's most valuable tool – a set of expert hands that belong to passionate and highly skilled craftsmen. These time-honoured techniques ensure that extra care and attention to detail, whilst securing the ingredients of a Harrison bed to keep them stable. Over 200 side stitches later, only then is each Harrison Mattress bought to life.

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