Discount Beds Brands for 2020


Hand-crafted from our years of experience, designed with our customers in mind. Eades&Co. is our proud, home-grown collection of beds and mattresses built from the ground up by us, where we aim to provide a good night's sleep that’s tailor-made. Affordable, while still offering incredible, unbeatable comfort, we’ve worked hard to build a range that we’re proud to put our name on.

You can browse our full selection of Eades&Co. products, with divans, mattress, headboards 0and much more, all here on our website and in-store at our location in Sheffield.

Discount Beds

Looking for a mattress and a price you can’t beat? Well, the clue is in our name. We’ve got a selection of fantastic mattresses at a stunningly low price, while still offering a fantastic night’s sleep. Find your choice in our range, hand-picked for perfection, with a range of singles, doubles and more - all fit for your liking at a price you’ll love.

You can find them all in-store today, or find some of our selection in our online shop.

Harrisons Spinks

Few brands in the world are known for their reliability and their priority as a choice recommendation, regardless of circumstances. That’s where Harrison Spinks comes in, a brand absolutely trustworthy with generations of experience and satisfaction - and better yet, they’re a Yorkshire brand, so they’re right at home in our shop in Sheffield.

Their range offers a fantastic selection of speciality mattresses and divans, using environmentally friendly zero-landfill technology, so you can ensure that your sleep leaves a nicer, friendlier footprint on the world and never ends up clogging up a landfill.

Come check out our selection of Harrison Spinks mattresses and divans in-store today and see what all the buzz is about!

Bentley Designs


Without a doubt, one of the most important parts of life is your sleep - after all, you spend nearly half your time on Earth doing it. That’s why getting your bed right is absolutely critical but everyone is different and we all have our own preferences. One thing we all have in common is the want for a good quality bed to lay our weary heads.

We highly recommend beds from the Bentley Designs range, as we only stock their speciality beds; built from the ground up for a fantastic sleep. The range you’ll find in our shop provides a selection of quality beds to suit every budget and type you’re looking for, whether it’s something so soft and snug, or something a little firmer for solid support.

Pop into our shop and try them out for yourself, we’re sure you’ll find them up to the highest standards.


A metal bed frame can be chosen as an alternative to a wooden bed frame or a divan for many reasons, whether it’s for the aesthetic to match your chosen decoration style, or a more lightweight, mobile bed in case you need to move the room around.

Often stigmatized, as creaky or cheap, but this is actually not true. In fact, many people find a metal bed frame fits their preferences better, and with all things in life, you can redeem a fantastic quality metal bed that lasts for years and years, with proper care and selection.

We offer an incredible selection of metal bed frames, with various styles and looks to fit any bedroom. Find yours for a great price in our shop today, or even browse through our selection online here.

Friendship Mill

The Friendship Mill range offers a very authentic approach to a comfortable night in bed, with solid and sturdy wooden frames, offering a perfect finish to any room. Their range holds a selection of full size beds, kids beds and solid headboards built for that extra stability and to finish the look. Each of their designs offers a premium build quality you can rely on.

If you’re interested in a Friendship Mill bed, you can find their full range available in-store with us at Discount Beds, with the perfect bed for you guaranteed to be available.

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