Help to Buy

When you're buying a bed, it's important you get the right bed for your needs. Soft or firm, high or low, each frame and mattress is an important component to getting a good nights sleep. Our team are expertly trained and with our many many years of experience, we've got it down to an art in understanding you; the customer. It's easy, come down and take a look around and our team will be happy to guide you and show you more of what you're looking for. We believe finding the perfect bed involves you trying it in a real-world scenario so you can narrow it down to a single choice - you should never be forced to pick!

We, along with many others, believe you should change your mattress every 8 years - for comfort, quality of sleep, hygiene and for extra support. It's important to maintain all of these categories as they lead to what we all appreciate; a good nights sleep! Without maintaining these, it can lead to those irritating nights where you just can't drift off, tossing and turning doesn't help. That's why all of our beds are heavily recommended by all our staff - our managing director himself actually approves all mattresses we stock!

Come down and see us, we're happy to show you the in's and out's and help you find the perfect bed.

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