Changing Your Mattress

“A mattress that looks OK, may not actually be OK, that’s the hitch.”

Enjoying a good night's sleep is crucial to ensure you're always looking and feeling fantastic. After seven years, however, although your bed and mattress may look satisfactory, it is possible that it may not be providing the required support and comfort you require for a revitalising and good night's sleep.

How often should you change your bed?

The National Bed Federation recommends that you should consider changing your bed every 7 years. There are many factors that can contribute to a bed that no longer supports you or offers a quality night's sleep, and with almost 80% of adults suffering from back pain, a 7-year-old mattress can contribute to this.

Every night, on average we can lose half a pint of fluid through perspiration as well as a pound of dead skin cells. Add hair, scales, general wear and tear and body movement to this and over a period of 6-7 years, you will be left with a bed that not only offers less support but is also festered with dust mites, which thrive in moist conditions and on dead skin scales. This can especially affect Asthma sufferers, triggering hypersensitivity and posing a major health risk.

Do I need a new bed and mattress?

Investing in a new bed and mattress can ensure a more therapeutic sleep, with less movement throughout the night. Studies also suggest that replacing an uncomfortable bed can be as effective as sleep aids and is associated with an increase of up to 45 minutes more of quality sleep.

Here at Discount Beds, we offer a full consultation based on your sleeping and bedtime habits, ensuring that you are investing in the best possible bed and mattress for you.

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