The Bed Buying Guide

1. When is the right time to invest in a new bed?

Nothing feels better than waking up in the morning and feeling refreshed and revitalised after a good night's sleep.

If you're starting to wake up feeling tired or fatigued, whether it's due to waking up constantly throughout the night or feeling like your body no longer feels rested, identifying the root cause of this can be as simple as looking to your bed and mattress.

Shopping for the right bed

2. Shopping for the right bed

So you've decided to go ahead with purchasing your new bed. Before making any rash decisions and purchasing the first bed you see, it is important to find out what you want from your bed. Recommendations of what to look for include:

Purchase the base and the mattress together – We understand that this is not always possible, but we try to encourage you to ensure the mattress has a similar type of base to how you originally bought it, as these are designed to work together.

This is especially important if you are using an old base, as it could affect the support and comfort that the mattress offers. Occasionally, it can also affect or invalidate the manufacturers' warranties or guarantees.

Typical UK Bed Sizes

Small Single 2’6″ x 6’3″ 75 x 190 cm
Single 3′ x 6’3″ 90 x 190 cm
Small Double 4′ x 6’3″ 120 x 190 cm
Double 4’6″ x 6’3″ 135 x 190 cm
King 5′ x 6’6″ 150 x 200 cm
Super King 6′ x 6′” 180 x 200 cm
Purchase the base and the mattress together

3. Finding the right bed

Think of it like this, you're spending a third of your life in your bed, so make it worthwhile and invest wisely. Elements to consider can include:

Make sure you have the correct support

Major factors the contribute to finding a bed that offers correct support include your weight, height, build as well as sleeping position. The perfect mattress should ideally mould to the shape of your body whilst still offering support. When lying on your side, your spine should remain horizontal and turning over should be reasonably easy. As a general rule, the heavier you are, the firmer the tension of mattress you will require.

Try different options

Everyone has a preference and finding what's right for you is important. Whether you prefer a soft mattress over a firm one and like the feel of being cocooned in a bed, opposed to lying on top of it with minimal give, each of these options can make the difference in having a good nights sleep.  

Remember, with no industry-wide standard that compares firmness ratings, it is all the more important that you try before you buy.

One size doesn't fit all

If you and your partner differ widely in size and weight (3 stone/18kgs or more), it may be that you require different mattresses. You will find that some mattress manufacturers provide double beds from two single mattresses that can then be zipped together, offering different tension and firmness levels.

Buying online?

Though shopping online has now become convenient with the ability to order anything at the click of a button, it is always important to test your bed and mattress before you buy. Terms and conditions are also very important as some retailers offer different rules regarding returning goods, so ensure that you are fully aware of these before buying.

If however, you decide to buy online, check for the following factors before purchasing:

  • Ensure that the site is reputable with good customer reviews. For sites you've never heard of before, you can search for them on which identifies all shops that offer secure credit card transactions, clear delivery prices and return policies.
  • Confirm that the website has full contact details, address, phone number etc.
  • Stick to the reputable brands that have been created by NBF Approved members.
  • Ensure that the product descriptions are fully accurate and true, look for reviews if you have to.
  • Check that the website is secure before entering payment details.
  • Always check the sellers' privacy and returns policy.
  • Although purchasing your mattress online may work out to be cheaper and convenient, there are always drawbacks associated with not seeing and inspecting the items. The Consumer Contract Regulations 2014 are there to provide extra protection. For more information regarding this, you can find it at
  • Always remember that if you're buying something cheap, you may not always get what you paid for, therefore practice caution.
Ready to buy?

4. Ready to buy?

Using this as a general guide will allow you to be fully prepared before purchasing the right bed that will hopefully offer the good night's sleep you've been looking for.

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